At the moment the following projekts are ongoing work.

If I find the time I will provide the files and documentation here.

ALPHA ware (not feature complete, buggy)
PDF-worksa program for analysis of PDF files
PS-worksa PostScript interpreter
Bib-worksa BibTeX management programm (dedicated to my girlfriend Sabine)
table.tcla Tcl library for spreadsheet like data handling
Tcl/Tk Refa Tcl/Tk reference for the Palm Pilot written with PalmTcl
BETA ware (working, buggy?)
Bezierjust a little program where you can draw and play with bezier curves
MPPa project administration program as a client-server application
itia client-server application for internet access through a gateway for small workgroups
tcala Tcl package for calendrical calculations
READY ware (supposed to work)
upn-calca calculator using polish notation
TarKita Starkit for archiving of files similar to the unix utility 'tar'. Read the README file for further details (the README is also contained in the TarKit) or have a look at the screenshot.
VAPOR ware (some ideas)
Tcl'ers Wiki as PDFa PDF representation of the Tcl'ers Wiki with working internal links and bookmarks